been a long time coming, but I know a change is gonna come.

I'm nearly ready to test these waters.   I trust you'll see the ripples.  I hope you'll hear the splash.



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Midnight Show @ Rockwood Music Hall!

This past Saturday, I performed at Rockwood Music Hall in NYC for the first time.  I went on at midnight (Stage 1) to a packed house that vibed with me from start to finish!  All total, my band played seven songs - 2 covers and 5 original tracks.  Mid-set, I had my good friend, hip hop artist Ace Clark, join me on stage to perform "Melanin," a self-love track we collaborated on for his newly released album, "The Good Fight."

The crowd loved it all, and I ended up meeting amazing people from all over, including some music lovers from New Orleans and San Francisco.  It was a great night.

Here's a quick clip of me performing "Just Friends" to open my midnight set at Rockwood.  Honestly, the energy just rose from there! 

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CMJ 2015!

Last night was incredible.  I was free, and the crowd let go with me.  Amazing experience. #Thankful #CMJ2015 #CMJ

A photo posted by Matt Wang (@mcw2159) on

Thank you to everyone who came out.  I got some great comments from different audience members after the show - one guy said I was the best CMJ showcase he'd seen all week!  Another person approached me to see if I'll be making it down to DC...the answer is, if there's an opportunity, I'll be there!

All in all, multiple people expressed how "free" I was on stage and how energetic the show was.  I couldn't ask for a better compliment.  All that aside, CMJ has been incredible, simply from an achievement standpoint.  I'm still new to the performance circuit (7th show in NYC), but my band and I are continuing to create, learn, and grow in plain sight.  Thanks for watching and coming along for the ride! More to come...

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CMJ 2015 Music Marathon Showcase!

I'm preparing. Get ready.

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What's new? A lot

August 3rd wasn't that long ago, but so much has happened since I released my latest single, "Euphoria."  Since dropping the track, I've been focused on making my live performances as free and liberating for everyone (me, my band, the crowd) as possible.  Maybe the lyrics of "Euphoria" are taking root, but I'm really trying to make audiences feel a sense of freedom, release, empowerment, and inspiration, when they see me live.  Fortunately, I've had two great shows in the last month to try out some new direction and material:

  • Aug. 7th @ DROM in NYC - "Euphoria" release concert.  Lots of people came out and showed love.  
  • Sept 9th @ The Shrine in Harlem - My first Harlem gig, and it was definitely memorable.  FoxTV was there along with a great crowd of music lovers and amazing fellow funk, soul, and R&B singers.  My band killed.

On the music production front, I used August and, so far, September as a break from studio recording and mixing. Instead I've been waking up early, chilling on my roof in Brooklyn, and writing new songs.

Turns out, morning rooftop writing sessions work perfectly for me.  I guess, my mind is less stressed and the thoughts more fluid in the early hours.  Life's honestly been pretty amazing and unpredictable as of late, and it's given me a ton that I want to express through music...  

I just finished writing a new song called "Who You Are," and my guitarist, Rafael Rosa, and keyboardist, Renato Diz, helped me compose a pretty soulful live arrangement that I'm.excited to share with you all soon!

There's so much more to update you on, including the fact that I got accepted to perform in CMJ 2016!!!  But, it's late...and I need to sleep.

Peace yall. much love


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"Euphoria" is released!

Listen, Download, and Enjoy!

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The Journey begins...

This past Saturday, I performed in Austin, TX as part of a Soul & Blues music festival at the historic Victory Grill.  I was invited to perform about two weeks before the event,  but, even with the short notice, I couldn't pass up the opportunity!  As fortune would have it, I was already heading to Austin that same weekend for a random vacation with 3 college friends, so this was nothing short of divine planning. Call it serendipity. Call it a miracle. Call it uncanny.  It was a welcomed challenge I had to meet.

In the days leading up to the show, I spent every waking moment in my Brooklyn apartment reaching out to the Austin community, scouting musicians, and strategizing how I could pull this performance off.  My NY band had various conflicts, so it was up to me alone to make this thing happen.  Thankfully, my dedicated/painfully exhausting online promotion got me connected to some very talented and generous people in Austin!  Before I knew it, I had a full 5-piece band and a growing list of "YES" RSVPs for an event happening across the country, in a city I'd never performed in.

Challenges are meant to be overcome.

I got to Austin Friday at noon, and from 8pm to midnight that night, me and my new band learned 8 songs, including 6 originals.  Ambitious? Yes. Nerve-wracking? Yes. Nonetheless, those are the moments that make life amazing.  I've learned to embrace them.

After practice, I met up with my college buddies (remember, I'm on an unrelated vacation with friends, hah) and hung out until about 3am, sober of course. When Saturday rolled around, the only thing in my head was "What will be, will be"...and "Dear God, please help my voice recover from all the singing and shouting I did last night."  I wasn't stressed, though. The weather was great. My friends were supportive. I had no expectations.  I was just ready to share my music.

On Saturday, it happened.

What an experience. It really made my vacation and advanced me in ways I probably won't be aware of for a while. I just know I'm on the right journey.  The gig went so well, in fact, that it looks like I'll be heading back to Austin later this summer ;-).    

Live Passionately and Creatively. It's so much better that way.

p.s. My college buddies sing too ;-).

A video posted by Cato (@lifeofcato) on

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The Bowery Electric and End of an Era

2015 has been an awesome year of performance so far! A few weeks ago, on May 25th, I performed an original set at The Bowery Electric in NYC - amazing night.  Around 30 people came out for the intimate showcase, and it ended up being a great way to spend a Spring evening.

In other news, The Bowery Electric performance was my bass player's last show with me before heading back to his home country of Ecuador.  Mauricio Vega, you were a major rock and inspiration for me.  Thanks for the constant encouragement to keep going, trust myself and band, and share my music.  Thanks for believing in me and sharing your musical talent with me! I wish you all the best in Ecuador, and I'm sure we'll link up again soon...internationally.

Here's a pic of me and the band after The Bowery Electric show!

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I'm Performing Live at Webster Hall on April 3rd

Exciting news!  On Friday, April 3rd @ 10pm I'll be performing at The Studio at Webster Hall in NYC.  My band and I will be putting on a full set of mostly original music, so come out!

You can buy tickets online, HERE, or get them at the door for $15.

Join this Facebook event, and let me know if you're coming.  Spread the word.  We're going to have an awesome night!



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Featured on!

2015 is off to a great start!  I ended 2014 doing a fun interview with a talented writer at  A month later, in January, I got to read this really great feature about my music and path as an artist.  Take a look.  I'm really glad I can share this with you guys!

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"I Care For You," believe me!

My new single is now out and available for FREE DOWNLOAD on SoundCloud!  

This newest track, "I Care For You," draws a lot from the feel of 60s and 70s soul music.  You'll definitely hear a good deal of Motown and early soul music influence in this arrangement.  Listen. Share. Download. Enjoy!


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"I Care For You" releases today, 11/6, @ 8pm EST!

You ready?  I am. 

Tonight at 8pm EST, I'll be releasing my third single - "I Care For You."  This track has a simpler, old-school soul arrangement, which I'm pretty excited to share with you all and see the reception. 

"I Care For You" will be free for download on my Soundcloud page, so be sure to drop by there and get your copy when it's posted at 8pm!

As always, thank you for going on this journey with me.  I'm still only beginning, and it's been an amazing ride so far.

Me in the studio, arranging a new track



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So, why did I write "Watch Me"? The meaning...

I originally wrote "Watch Me" a few years back, when I was struggling in a relationship that was pretty one-sided.  I was giving a lot to someone - support, encouragement, friendship, loyalty - only to get very little of the same in return.  After internalizing my frustration for a while, I finally just accepted the fact that I needed to move independently again.  It didn't make sense trying to maintain something that wasn't making me happy, so I wisened up and stopped.  Whether or not the relationship would resurface as something new and healthier was up to the other person (and it did), but my focus shifted back to where it needed to be - me. 

"Watch Me" is about realizing that sometimes we need to act selfishly and redefine relationships, especially when they seem to be holding us back.

"No harm intended, see what we have hasn't ended

It's just evolved. It's just resolved.

You always seemed to point out my mistakes

But never seemed to show me any faith, at all. At all.

And since, where I'm trying to be just

Really isn't your scene, I'll

Break this thing off clean, 

And fly solo for a while..."


Hope you enjoy the song.


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My new single is out! Introducing..."Watch Me"

It's time for some new music!  Last Wednesday, 9/3/14, I released my second and newest single  - "Watch Me."  Listen below, comment, share, and download the track for free!

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"Do It Again" is being featured...everywhere!

Guys, it's been an awesome ride since releasing my debut single "Do It Again" 2 weeks ago!  The song now has well over 500 downloads, thousands of listens, and I've received tons of messages and comments from people all over the world.  THANK YOU! 

Listen and download the track for free on SoundCloud

I want to thank the following sites for really taking a chance and featuring me, a new soul artist with a lot of music in the works.  Please check out these articles and support these websites that are really giving independent, emerging music a chance to be heard!

  • NeoSoul Cafe <== The first site to feature "Do It Again"! Beyond supportive.
  • Hot Flows <== Great website.  Really accessible 
  • OnTheSceneNY <== Dedicated editorial team that's been sharing the track a ton
  • Cheatbook Magazine <== A German Music & Tech Website

A SPECIAL THANKS to La Voix Du Nord music blog in France for interviewing me and featuring "Do It Again" as the Le son du jour  (Sound of the Day).  Definitely check this piece out, and use if you can't read French, haha.

Lastly, Thank You!  This site gave me the "New Artist Spotlight" and has been sharing "Do It Again" across their social media followings.

Again, I'm beyond grateful and really excited to see what happens next.


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FREE DOWNLOAD: "Do It Again" - Cato's Debut Single

My debut single, "Do It Again," is here!  ;-) Download it for free, comment, share it, remix it - do whatever!  Let me know what you think!  Thanks for the support, everyone!

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Music Video #PREVIEW - "Do It Again"

In May, I began working on my first ever music video.  It's been an eventful journey, and I'm excited to share with you a few clips from the final edit.  We'll be releasing the complete video before the end of July, so be on the lookout!

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It's Been A Year... #SoulfulHouseDebut

It's been just over a year since I first introduced myself to the world, musically (May 5, 2013).  The track, "Honey Drip," peaked at #5 on the Traxsource Soulful House chart and #13 on the overall Top 100 chart.  #GreatWayToStart

"Honey Drips" reaches the #5 spot

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My First Radio drop & interview!

Man, life really is one big ride.  Last week, I recorded my first ever radio drop and interview.  Annie, a DJ from House Station Radio & CHFM worldwide, reached out and asked if I could tell her listeners more about myself and my Soulful House track, "Honey Drip."  Of course, I was happy to, and she included it in her 4/11/14 broadcast!  She posted the full hour-long broadcast on her Soundcloud, but you can hear my interview and song in the first few minutes. Listen below and enjoy!  Really thankful for this...

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New photos from Richard Corman

Check out some of the latest pics I received from photography master Richard Corman.  I'm in awe of his raw and beautiful work.

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