"Do It Again" is being featured...everywhere!

Guys, it's been an awesome ride since releasing my debut single "Do It Again" 2 weeks ago!  The song now has well over 500 downloads, thousands of listens, and I've received tons of messages and comments from people all over the world.  THANK YOU! 

Listen and download the track for free on SoundCloud

I want to thank the following sites for really taking a chance and featuring me, a new soul artist with a lot of music in the works.  Please check out these articles and support these websites that are really giving independent, emerging music a chance to be heard!

  • NeoSoul Cafe <== The first site to feature "Do It Again"! Beyond supportive.
  • Hot Flows <== Great website.  Really accessible 
  • OnTheSceneNY <== Dedicated editorial team that's been sharing the track a ton
  • Cheatbook Magazine <== A German Music & Tech Website

A SPECIAL THANKS to La Voix Du Nord music blog in France for interviewing me and featuring "Do It Again" as the Le son du jour  (Sound of the Day).  Definitely check this piece out, and use Google.com/translate if you can't read French, haha.

Lastly, Thank You YouKnowIGotSoul.com!  This site gave me the "New Artist Spotlight" and has been sharing "Do It Again" across their social media followings.

Again, I'm beyond grateful and really excited to see what happens next.