So, why did I write "Watch Me"? The meaning...

I originally wrote "Watch Me" a few years back, when I was struggling in a relationship that was pretty one-sided.  I was giving a lot to someone - support, encouragement, friendship, loyalty - only to get very little of the same in return.  After internalizing my frustration for a while, I finally just accepted the fact that I needed to move independently again.  It didn't make sense trying to maintain something that wasn't making me happy, so I wisened up and stopped.  Whether or not the relationship would resurface as something new and healthier was up to the other person (and it did), but my focus shifted back to where it needed to be - me. 

"Watch Me" is about realizing that sometimes we need to act selfishly and redefine relationships, especially when they seem to be holding us back.

"No harm intended, see what we have hasn't ended

It's just evolved. It's just resolved.

You always seemed to point out my mistakes

But never seemed to show me any faith, at all. At all.

And since, where I'm trying to be just

Really isn't your scene, I'll

Break this thing off clean, 

And fly solo for a while..."


Hope you enjoy the song.