CMJ 2015!

Last night was incredible.  I was free, and the crowd let go with me.  Amazing experience. #Thankful #CMJ2015 #CMJ

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Thank you to everyone who came out.  I got some great comments from different audience members after the show - one guy said I was the best CMJ showcase he'd seen all week!  Another person approached me to see if I'll be making it down to DC...the answer is, if there's an opportunity, I'll be there!

All in all, multiple people expressed how "free" I was on stage and how energetic the show was.  I couldn't ask for a better compliment.  All that aside, CMJ has been incredible, simply from an achievement standpoint.  I'm still new to the performance circuit (7th show in NYC), but my band and I are continuing to create, learn, and grow in plain sight.  Thanks for watching and coming along for the ride! More to come...