What's new? A lot

August 3rd wasn't that long ago, but so much has happened since I released my latest single, "Euphoria."  Since dropping the track, I've been focused on making my live performances as free and liberating for everyone (me, my band, the crowd) as possible.  Maybe the lyrics of "Euphoria" are taking root, but I'm really trying to make audiences feel a sense of freedom, release, empowerment, and inspiration, when they see me live.  Fortunately, I've had two great shows in the last month to try out some new direction and material:

  • Aug. 7th @ DROM in NYC - "Euphoria" release concert.  Lots of people came out and showed love.  
  • Sept 9th @ The Shrine in Harlem - My first Harlem gig, and it was definitely memorable.  FoxTV was there along with a great crowd of music lovers and amazing fellow funk, soul, and R&B singers.  My band killed.

On the music production front, I used August and, so far, September as a break from studio recording and mixing. Instead I've been waking up early, chilling on my roof in Brooklyn, and writing new songs.

Turns out, morning rooftop writing sessions work perfectly for me.  I guess, my mind is less stressed and the thoughts more fluid in the early hours.  Life's honestly been pretty amazing and unpredictable as of late, and it's given me a ton that I want to express through music...  

I just finished writing a new song called "Who You Are," and my guitarist, Rafael Rosa, and keyboardist, Renato Diz, helped me compose a pretty soulful live arrangement that I'm.excited to share with you all soon!

There's so much more to update you on, including the fact that I got accepted to perform in CMJ 2016!!!  But, it's late...and I need to sleep.

Peace yall. much love